Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wings and Things

I worked a bit more on the wings, feet and tail. Still needs work but I'm cruising now.

These were rendered in zbrush when it wasn't crashing.


fluxist8070 said...

Nice update.
I really like the legs around the knee area.
Looks like the sternum is to concave. It looks good with the AO on it too.

MrT said...

Thanks man.
Your right about the sternum. The night is young.

fluxist8070 said...

worde. the wings are looking tight!

Matthew R. Dale said...

elliott, this is looking loads better! the sculpting has been taken to the next level of detail and it really shows! i cant wait to see where this ends up going!

i am starting a character today myself, for my character for next0gen games class. ill post some of that once it begins to actually look like something!

MrT said...

Thanks Matt and Matt. I look forward to finishing this dragon and seeing more of your works.

Last night I hoped to do more but I wound up barfing tainted ground beef. My youngest daughter did too.

I feel a bit better today. I always feel good when there is going to be 16 inches of new snow.

fluxist8070 said...

I bet you are digging yourself and your family out of the white death.
At least you have a cool tractor to drive around!
...looking forward to more updates.