Monday, February 16, 2009

TAD Day 15 - Martian Doodle 2 - Digital ReDraw

Martians change form to represent what humans most desire to see. In this Martian Doodle 2, Digital ReDraw, I used only the value of the negative space to rework the image. I desired to see a human form in 5 minutes and the martian obliged.

TAD Day 14 - MartianDoodle

I drew this for an hour while watching The Martian Chronicles. I wasn’t really looking at the drawing while actually drawing. I moved my hands as I watched the film.

TAD Day 13 - Mr. T Carhartt Update Drawing

Quick drawing. BTW I was modeling Jason from Friday the 13th and decided it was too negative. Imagine that.

TAD Day 12 - Mr. T Carhartt Stencil Plan

Too busy yesterday to do TAD. Today I mocked up a potential stencil plan for Mr. T on my Carhartt coveralls.

The white area will be cloth material color. I’m wondering about projecting the pattern onto the suit and painting the white areas with hot wax. Then spray paint the suit. Later take the wax off. Batik like. What do you think?

Working on something for today’s post now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

TAD Day 11 - Oooops!

I missed the deadline. I just returned from the monthly Boston Game Developers Post Mortem at an Irish Pub. It’s a haul. Right Matt? It was cool because 6 teams from Boston area took part in a challenge to create video game that could be played in five minutes. They had 48 hours and had specific themes. The results were pretty amazing.

I had an incident modeling my dragon a week or so ago.I changed order of points that define its surface. Since this is already to technical I’ll just say my model exploded in some parts an was fine in others. I wanted to strategically simulate that “effect” again. I did my little process and whamo -

TAD Day 10 - Dragon Detailing

I spent half the day driving and waiting to buy tractor parts. Perhaps fixing my tractor will be a TAD project. I had to keep working on the dragon with my available time so no time for artistic excursions today.

Here is a close up of the head area. Please excuse the weird lighting. I’m rendering in zbrush and don’t have the hang of it yet. I’ll be doing some zbrush lighting tutorials soon.

I am also building a subsurface skin shader in Maya 2009. That will be TAD project in itself. Maya 2009 has really increased the lighting / rendering options. I’m actually blown away at how much better it is. We’ll see when it comes to displacement mapping

TAD Day 9 - Dragon Scales

I worked on some high polygon detailing today on my 3D dragon. I made new and refined some older alpha brushes for sculpting scales. It’s hard to see in this little image. Click on it to see a larger version.

I’m using Zbrush and Maya in this project. This image was rendered in ZBrush. I’m posting now but will continue to work throught the night. I just have time to do this now. Later I’ll be concetrating on finishing the modeling.

TAD Day 8 - Got my Mojo Workin’

Last night I made my Ibis Mojo mountain bike ice-biking worthy. I had a late start to ice biking this winter. I found my Nokian Hakka WXC300 studded tires and put them on my summer wheel set. Adding studded tires makes all the difference.

A friend who rides a Norco Fluid and I headed out to Pisgah State Forest in New Hampshire. The temp was just above freezing so the snow was too soft on the snowmobile trails through the woods. We elected to ride the partially sanded, ice covered roads after we saw psycho snowmobiles flying about 60 mph on the trails. The hill climbs were brutal but well worth the satisfaction of accomplishment.

These photos were taken along my ride on my iPhone. A no frills photo-documentation. It would be cool if Apple enhanced the camera functionality.

Ibis Mojo Detail

Ibis Mojo parked in the snowbank.

This section of road was solid ice with sand on top. We road over 20 mph on this surface then it turned into glare ice.

TAD Day 7 - MrT Carhartts

I finally painted my Carhartt tractor suit. It was almost a disaster. It was 6 F out and windy. The stencil was not cooperating. I managed to get black stove paint on my cedar steps when the wind blew. It did clean off because it was too cold to absorb into the wood. It’s a little bit of a bummer that there is a seam down the center but from a distance I think it looks good. I’m going to the food co-op while wearing it this afternoon. That should be fun.

Quick Explanation: Mr. T has been my idol since I was 7 or 8. I saw him on the tv show Games People Play in the 1970’s. It was the toughest something or other show. Mr. T at the time was Muhammad Ali’s (heavy weight champion boxer) bodyguard. He had to compete with other tough dudes by jumping over obstacle smashing through doors and walls to ring the bell at the end in the fastest time. He not only did that but he ripped the bell off the wall. His immense toughness was balanced by his sense of what is good and caring. I’ve been impressed ever since. He empowers me to preform superhuman feats.

Detail of Mr T suit

TAD Day 6 - Mr. T

Had to draw Mr. T for 10 minutes.

TAD Day 5 - Wacom Digital Drawing

Did an hour long sketch improvising scribbles to form a woman and background.

TAD Day 4 - Random Digital Sketch

Here is a real quick random sketch.

TAD Day 3 - It's BuisnessTime

A hour long ZBrush character creation.

Monday, February 2, 2009

TAD - Day 2

Today I drew in Photoshop for an hour. I created a concept sketch of a Rastafarian dude who slipped in the snow while walking with his hands in his pockets.

Thing A Day (TAD) 2009 - Day 1 (Yesterday)

I joined Thing a Day 2009.
I saw two other artist from S.C. participating. Maybe there are more.
Here is my first post, a stencil for my tractor suit:

Updated Dragon

I'm playing with alphas to sculpt detail into the dragon's form. This is a test.

Here is another zbrush render without alpha

This is what happens when you change the order of the verticies in the base mesh in Maya and bring it back to zbrush.