Monday, February 2, 2009

Updated Dragon

I'm playing with alphas to sculpt detail into the dragon's form. This is a test.

Here is another zbrush render without alpha

This is what happens when you change the order of the verticies in the base mesh in Maya and bring it back to zbrush.


fluxist8070 said...

hey elliott,
looking nice! I like the geometric design of the exploded mesh.

MrT said...

Thanks dude.

I like it too. Its my ode to Duchamp. Thank god there is "save as".

Matthew R. Dale said...

very nice! i like the detail a lot. i cant wait to see how this ends up!

MrT said...

Thanks Matt D,
I can't either. I tried new mudbox to detail dragon skin but zbrush works a little better still.

Matthew R. Dale said...

boo on mudbox. i tried it a little, but i am still a zbrush user. its not bad, i just dont see any benefits to using it over zbrush, and all production companies use Z anyway.

btw, as far as programs go, we are using unfold 3D in my character class. its amazing. it literally takes 10 minutes to create a perfect UV map on a character, no matter how complex. our teacher showed us a video of a guy unwrapping an entire tree (like 60-100 branches) in 25 minutes. its amazing. i would highly suggest giving it a look.

MrT said...

Thanks Matt. I'll look into unfold 3d.