Sunday, March 8, 2009

TAD Day 28 - Homepage

I missed the final day deadline for TAD. I had the flu and was pretty much useless. I did make a temporary home page for my business website

TAD Day 27 - Got my back covered by Mr. T on my Carhartts

This project was a little more involved than I expected. The original head faded after two washings. It would have been better to do it all at once. There is always my next pair for the summer.

Mr. T Carhartt Coveralls Stencil - Photo by JuJu

I have documentation of this process I’ll post on my blog later.

I used adhesive paper for kitchen shelves as the stencil material.

I thought maybe I did not have to repaint Mr T’s head, so I projected my collage on to the back of the Carhartts to the scale of the preexisting stencil.

I then covered the coveralls with the contact paper and taped it down. I should have removed the backside of the adhesive paper first. Next time.

Next I cut the stencil right on the back of the Carhartt coveralls. The razor whent throught the stencil but didn’t even scratch the coveralls. Wow they are tough!

I removed the stencil and the backside of the adhesive paper.

Then brought the coveralls fixed to an easel (thanks Ron) on to the porch. I reapplied the stencil, taped the edges and painted with another kind of spray paint.

Afterwords I knew I had to redo the head. I didn’t have the original stencil or file so I tried to do another. I made it on regular paper. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for but there is promise.The double head image is a little blurry.

Mr. T Carhartt stencil detail - Photo by JuJu

I will repaint the whole suit once a year when the old image is faded away. I bet this will we very cool five to seven years from now.

I think I’ll call him Minny T.

Check on my blog for further developments in the future.

TAD Day 26 - L. H. O. O. Q. 2009

Looking at my photo’s from yesterday I noticed something I was unaware of. The figure of a woman in the center of the photo has a hot a$. Come on. I mean I can see her butt crack is visible and it’s glowing white on the infra red display! When I took the photo I wasn’t really paying attention to others. I was taking a self portrait. Anyway the title ” L. H. O. O. Q.” is a tribute to Marcel Duchamp’s 1919 ready made Mona Lisa. The title when pronounced in French, puns the phrase “Elle a chaud au cul”, translating colloquially in “She has a hot a$s”.

Judge for yourself.

TAD Day 25 - Self Portrait Photography

After a meeting in Boston I went to the Museum of Science. I had my cruddy generic camera. I took a series of self portraits around the exhibits.

Straight shot into mosaic of mirrors.


Unedited shot of enhanced realtime infrared display. White is hot, blue is cool.

I have a bunch more I’ll post on my blog later. Some are very cool and others not so much. I had fun in the museum.

TAD Day 24 - More Dragon

Dragon update. I miss Maya. I am so tired of ZBrush crashing when I light and or render. I can’t wait to make a sss skin shader for mental ray for my dragon.

TAD Day 23 - Business Cards

I needed new business cards in a hurry. I designed this card and sent it online to be printed. They were back in time for an important business meeting Wednesday.

Why is Wednesday always business time anyway?

TAD Day 22 - Creative Plow Repair

Here comes a flood of late posts. Sorry, my business takes priority.

Last Sunday was a good sized winter storm here in sunny Vermont. The tractor hydraulics had been damaged and one of the tires chains broke. I collaborated with my neighbor Sam to Jerry rig the tractor. This is an art. I’m guessing this is a way of life for many Vermonters.

It’s hard to see but I had one new hose (a different size than the original ofcourse), two new connectors joints (forgetting the proper term) and lots of rope. For the chains (photo later) we used random extra linage and zip ties. Well it worked! A proper fixing in in the near future.

TAD Day 21 - Final Detailing on 3D Dragon

Have to finish modeling pronto. This is a render in zbrush not textured to highlight the untextered form. Next stop polypainting.

TAD Day 20 - More fun with Maya and Photoshop

More fun with Maya and Photoshop

TAD Day 19 - Fun with Paint Effects

Today I’m posting three images. The past few days I’ve been trying to complete a bunch of projects for work. I have some new work coming down the pike. Subsequently TAD took a back seat for a few days.

This image was done in about 15 minutes using Maya paint effects.

TAD Day 18 - Textural DigiPainting

Decided to paint a little in Maya paint effects. I like it for painting better than PS. It’s a little more naturalistic.

This is a bit abstract. I wanted a grayscale textural digiPainting.

Total time 10 minutes.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

TAD Day 17 - Redux - Covered Bridge

Managed to upload a different way. I think something is up with the server still.

TAD Day 17 - Covered Bridge Logo - Reinterpreted by the Internet

I wanted to make a covered bridge logo / icon illustration. For some reason it looks wierd when I upload it. I’ll call it “Reinterpreted by the Internet”.

TAD Day 16 -3rd Eye

Thinking of icon designs / stencil designs.