Sunday, March 8, 2009

TAD Day 27 - Got my back covered by Mr. T on my Carhartts

This project was a little more involved than I expected. The original head faded after two washings. It would have been better to do it all at once. There is always my next pair for the summer.

Mr. T Carhartt Coveralls Stencil - Photo by JuJu

I have documentation of this process I’ll post on my blog later.

I used adhesive paper for kitchen shelves as the stencil material.

I thought maybe I did not have to repaint Mr T’s head, so I projected my collage on to the back of the Carhartts to the scale of the preexisting stencil.

I then covered the coveralls with the contact paper and taped it down. I should have removed the backside of the adhesive paper first. Next time.

Next I cut the stencil right on the back of the Carhartt coveralls. The razor whent throught the stencil but didn’t even scratch the coveralls. Wow they are tough!

I removed the stencil and the backside of the adhesive paper.

Then brought the coveralls fixed to an easel (thanks Ron) on to the porch. I reapplied the stencil, taped the edges and painted with another kind of spray paint.

Afterwords I knew I had to redo the head. I didn’t have the original stencil or file so I tried to do another. I made it on regular paper. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for but there is promise.The double head image is a little blurry.

Mr. T Carhartt stencil detail - Photo by JuJu

I will repaint the whole suit once a year when the old image is faded away. I bet this will we very cool five to seven years from now.

I think I’ll call him Minny T.

Check on my blog for further developments in the future.

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