Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Demo Reel Circa Early 2008

This is my old demo reel targeted to a film production teaching position early last year. It was a real rush job. I had a few days and lot's of shots to render, composite and edit. It turns out the search committee never saw the reel. I found out and applied for the position too late. The search had to fail before any new applicants would be looked at. I new reel is in the works to showcase recent works.

Here is a link for a better quality version if you have the bandwidth. Click play and when it does start to play you may want to pause.This is so the video can buffer in for while first. The file is large.

Otherwise watch the lower quality version below.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dragon Rigging Pose

The dragon is mostly rigged thanks to the help of Raf Anzovin. Raf set up a custom rig using The Setup Machine 2 and his own magical Maya abilities. I need to finish painting weights and create facial blend shape expressions. I also need to tweak the hi-res mesh for displacement and normal mapping.

I haven't done much but recover from a nasty stomach flu for the past few days. It hit me the afternoon before a presentation and completely floored me for several days. I now have mental associations between using 3d apps and nausea /vomiting. I'll get over it eventually :)