Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North East Digital Artists Group - First Meeting

North East Digital Artists Group - Thanks to the primary organizers and sponsors Brad Porter and Hedi Jelev (Great Eastern Technology), organizer Ezra Cove (Mt Ida College) for hosting and 3D Designer Gustavo Fontana for presenting.

Gustavo presented “Design and Prototyping Workflow: mixing Nurbs, Meshes and SubDs - with Modo, Rhino and T-Splines”. Gustavo demonstrated the process of designing a cool pair of goggles. His workflow was fascinating. Modo's toolsets and interface seem very efficient and freeing. The retopo tools looked amazing. Gustavo exported his prototype to Rhino to do any boolen operations and convert polys to NURBS which worked ok. He then demonstrated using T-Splines to convert polys to NURBS. T-Splines did an amazing job! It was very accurate. Gustavo then passed around the audience a prototype 3D print! I'm not sure what was used to print the goggles but different resins were utilised to create clear lenses, rubbery connectors and a strap.

Can't wait to attend the next event in September.

Friday, May 22, 2009

IGC East

IGC East rocked! I missed GDC for the one and only time (if I can help it). Being relatively new to game developer universe IGC East was a super cool networking, education and exhibition (game demo night) opportunity. I do wish there was a little more about the art side of game development. I highly recommend making it next time if your an indie or looking for work.

Boston Indies

I thoroughly enjoyed the Boston Indies gathering at Beta House. The intimate setting, open and constructive critiques (Heritage and Living Playsets), frank and honest advice, diverse yet connected crowd and a wonderful setting (Beta House). Being more of an artist, I for one learned much about running an indie company that night. I met lots of programmers, artists and founders. I rarely find artists to talk to at Boston Post Mortem but it's a different type of venue.

Kudos to Scott (Macguffin Games), Eitan (Fire Hose Games) and Jon & Brian (Beta House) for a stellar night!